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of water rose .Push and chose .Take on traditional heavy dew portends a clear day.Dew formed in calm weather, when the surface of the earth and all things that are in it, begin to cool and radiate heat into the surface.


Nice little advert for Jeep by Dannish agency Bates Y&R. The Jeep parking space event took place over a few weeks in the spring of 2007 in Copenhagen. The main objective being to make the Jeep brand part of the urban enviroment in a surprising way.

KFC So Good Posters - The Inspiration Room

The Print Ad titled Burger was done by Proximity Malaysia advertising agency for brand: Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC in Malaysia. It was released in the Oct Fast food Advertising campaign: Burger, French Fries, Drumstick, DRUMSTICK, FRENCH FRIES

Carrying a pearl of rain on a floating tray

Carrying a pearl of rain on a floating tray (that description! I imagine it along with the frog carrying the lamp.