hand project. teach the kids to make a hand mold, then have them design a project around that hand

base stand, tree of life jewelry display design. learning about the work of Rodin, and studying their own hands through clay. sculpting two hands interacting with one another, or one hand interacting with an object.

Just perfect-  exhibition-ism:    Organic tree chandeliers from Giuseppe Licari

tree roots emerge from the ceiling in an installation by giuseppe licari Could be an idea for a chandelier and an interesting casting of shadow in the treehouse.

tree sculpture WIP front by RandyHand on deviantART #specialeffects

tree sculpture WIP front by RandyHand on deviantART --I'd like it better without the face

It's a great mix of hide and show, with texture as the main feature!

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Kate McDowell

Sculptor, Kate MacDowell, creates beautiful porcelain sculptures depicting the union between man and nature. Her work shows the relationship to be .