wraparound desk, chalkboard wall

[chalkboard wall, chalkboard paint] Creative Workspace Inspiration: Amazing amount of space on this desk.

So very neat

I feel this has to be one of the best ideas ever! I had a chalk board wall in an apartment I lived in. I loved the idea. Bringing that to the kitchen - for grocery lists, genius. : know we can't do nut a big chalk board would be good

fabulous chalkboard how-to....breaking it down for gorgeous results!

fabulous chalkboard how-to.breaking it down for gorgeous results! for the chalkboards at home since they don't have them in the classrooms anymore LOL

hand-drawn type

Not sure what I like more the hand-drawn type or the picture of Ryan Gosling on the cover of Esquire

i need a giant wall like this

Blackboard paint - always a fun idea. I wanted to paint a column in my office with blackboard paint on two sides and "magnetic" paint on the other two. Would've been so much fun for me.

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The NAMCO Pac-Man Ghost Wall Decal

At GeekAlerts we love retro arcade gaming, as well as cool home decor. That's why we love these brand-new Blik Pac-Man Wall Decals. They come in 3 varieties: Pac-Man Ghost (picture above, and my favorite), Pac-Man Border (an

Vintage Carnival Fabric Flower Garland - I know I can make this. Couldn't be much different than making paper flowers.

More ideas
Easy Chalkboard Lettering for the Beautiful Handwriting-Impaired - www.lilacsandlonghorns.com

Chalkboard Hand Lettering DIY (don't have to have beautiful handwriting!)/chalk board for our floating shelf. Painting it red! love this idea

How to draw on your chalkboard like a pro! Lots of free templates on this site too. You can do it!

{Simplified} Chalkboard Drawing Tutorial

Do It And How | You can do it….. Here's how! | Page 18

DIY Perfect Chalkboard Lettering

Chalkboard Art: Easy tutorial on how to get perfect lettering every time!I remember us talking about how to get the lettering on chalkboards perfect!

4 different types of chalk for fancy lettering. game changer, folks.

how to write on a chalkboard

How to Draw Like an Artist On a Chalkboard

How to Draw Like an Artist On a Chalkboard

This is actually chalk-board art, but great nonetheless.

Dana Tanamachi

Inspiration for our Ceremony Program cover quote - "the best things in life are meant to be shared" -Dana Tanamachi Chalkboard Design

How to Draw on a Chalkboard like an Artist. Make any dinner menu, list or welcome sign look like a professional made it.

How to Draw Like an Artist On a Chalkboard

Chalkboard drawing tips. Draw like an artist on a chalkboard. Tips, tricks, and step-by-step tutorial to create one-of-kind, fun, and festive chalkboards to use to entertain or decorate your home.