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Women I Admire

These are women that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE!

Women I Admire

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Serena Williams - This former World No. 1 ranked tennis player has had 27 Grand Slam titles and has won both more Major titles in singles, doubles and mixed doubles AND more career prize money than any other female athlete in HISTORY! She is known for her ferocious serve and aggressive play and I like her because she is passionate about the sport she loves so dearly. Sometimes, to a fault. Serena has had 3 controversies (all at the US Open in 2004, 2009 & 2011 respectively) 2 of them because of her fiery temper. She also has an amazing body & matching fashion sense, pushing the envelope with her colorful & controversial ensembles.

  • Laura Cuellar
    Laura Cuellar

Jamelia - One of Britain's most successful black female entertainers, Jamelia has won 4 MOBO Awards, a Q Award & received 9 Brit Award nominations! The PETA supporter, who "Would Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur," is an active philanthropist who lends her fame to many causes and even has her own ethnic hair care line. I admire her not only for her artistry and her amazing songs, but because she also has managed to balance a successful career with raising 2 daughters (Tiani & Teja) alone. She is so strong and beautiful and I ♥ her to pieces!

Vanessa L. Williams - The REAL Miss America 1984! She is a renaissance woman if ever there was actress, singer, model, producer and thee FIRST African American woman to be crowned Miss America! Is there anything she CAN'T do?! I love Vanessa because instead of letting her resigning stop her, she allowed it to fuel her ambition, going on to earn multiple Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award nominations. Recently, Vanessa has been on 2 ABC hit shows, Ugly Betty & Desperate Housewives, ensuring that she remains on millions of televisions across the globe. She is and has always been amazing in my eyes and The Comfort Zone remains one of my favorite albums EVER! ♥ Her!

Emma Frost (White Queen) - Emma is EASILY my 2nd favorite comic book character. We're a lot alike actually. Beautiful, confident and even a little vain, she is a force to be reckoned with. Armed with dry wit, amazing powers (Omega-class telepathy & diamond form shapeshifting abilities that give her superhuman strength & durability), SALACIOUS white outfits and the "best body money can buy", she also an electronics expert & has a gifted intellect with a number of college degrees in multiple fields! A superb businesswoman, Emma is also founder & CEO of Frost Enterprises, a MAJOR multinational conglomerate that rivals both Stark Enterprises & Worthington Industries in power & wealth...THE BITCH IS BAD! ♥ HER!

Elektra Natchios - The BADDEST Bitch of Marvel! Elektra has always been my favorite comic book character because we are very similar. Our signature color is red and she wields the bladed twin sai, my favorite martial arts weapon! The ninja assassin is also an Olympic-level athlete (A FELLOW GYMNAST!) and her attitude tends to get her in trouble...alot! She is the most lethal woman and one of the most cold-blooded characters in the Marvel Universe, killing more men than any other character. They most likely deserved it. ♥ HER!

Kylie Minogue - One of thee BEST entertainers I have ever encountered in all my years! I discovered her in high school when her Fever album debuted...been a fan ever since! Kylie has the rare ability to sing and dance simultaneously while still sounding amazing (if not better than the record!), her performances and ensembles are always spectacular, she is a breast cancer SURVIVOR and ALWAYS the epitome of FLAWLESS! ♥ Her!

Alicia Keys - Although I may not agree with some of the choices she's made (and no I'm NOT talkin' about Swizz Beats! LMAO!) I believe that Alicia is an amazingly beautiful and talented artist. The Element of Freedom is STILL one of my favorite albums to date...the girl is BAD!

Patti LaBelle - OMG! When I tell you Patti's voice has the ability to give me chills, it can do JUST that! Her vocal range immediately sets her apart from not only her contemporaries, but even the new breed of entertainers out today. Not many can share a stage (or a mic) with Patti LaBelle and live to say they have honestly not been just ain't possible! Cause once Patti gets the microphone, IT'S OVER! ♥ her!

Halle Berry - Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG, NAACP Image Award winner AND thee FIRST African American woman to receive an Academy Award for Best Actress, Halle is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and is breaking down barriers for women of color with every performance she produces... (yes, even Catwoman!) LMAO!

  • Leigh La Loo
    Leigh La Loo

    and sadly, she is still pictured here in a bathing suit. They would never do that to Sidney Poitier. One great step forward for African Americans, but still a big step backwards for women...

  • Liz Cristofano
    Liz Cristofano

    @Leigh- You are sooo right. Totally agree

  • monica fleming
    monica fleming

    She looks like a African American version of Shakira

Taraji P. Henson - Southeast DC native and Howard University alum, Taraji has definitely amazed me with how far she has come in her career. Who would have guessed that "Jody's Baby Mama" would end up an Academy Award nominated actress? She has made DC so proud with her accomplishments and I see nothing but more success in her future! :D

Jenna Jameson - The Queen of Porn! I haven't seen any of her films (I don't watch porn...too graphic!) but her NY Times Bestselling autobiography How To Make Love Like A Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale definitely changed my life! A very successful entrepreneur, girlfriend of UFC champ Tito Ortiz, mom of twins (Jesse & Journey) and really thee ONLY porn actress to cross over into mainstream pop culture, Jenna is very smart, funny and has had her share of bumps and bruises, but it's her determination and resilience that amaze me the most about her.

  • Dana Walker
    Dana Walker

    Very Cool!

Cheryl Cole - She is the Beyonce of Britain, having got her start in the most successful girl group there, Girls Aloud. With 2 number one albums (3 Words & Messy Little Raindrops), being an X-Factor judge (winning 2 out of 3 years), the face of L'Oréal, marriage AND divorce and even a bout with malaria under her belt, there is nothing that the gorgeous fashionista CAN'T conquer! She's amazing and I truly am a big fan.

Jada Pinkett Smith - When you talk about black women who are both beautiful AND amazing actresses...YOU CAN'T LEAVE JADA OUT! Her performances are sometimes comical when they aren't meant to be, but her range and emotion are without bounds! ♥ her!

  • Julia Scott
    Julia Scott

    I am so MAD! I am so... ANGRY! LMAO

  • Salaciously Addictive Vixen
    Salaciously Addictive Vixen

    You're an idiot! LMAO! Sorry I missed your call, I was sleep!

Scarlett Johansson - I love Scarlett Johansson because she is a talented and versatile actress, she always looks GREAT AND she has CURVES! I always laugh when she does that face of hers though... *insider*

Scarlett Johansson Photos - EgoTV

Trish Stratus - The ONLY woman to hold the WWE Women's Championship 7x, the Hardcore Championship AND be voted WWE Babe Of The Year 3x! Trish has been my favorite female wrestler since she premiered and was even named Diva Of The Decade...a title well deserved if you ask me! :D

Callisto - Xena was great and all but Callisto was ALWAYS my favorite character. She was certifiably insane, but retained a certain humor and could go round for round with Xena in a fight. This villain definitely goes in the museum!

  • d0t.

    She's my favorite as well!

  • Christian Goldin-Kimbrough
    Christian Goldin-Kimbrough

    yep! liked her more than xena!

Jade (from Mortal Kombat) - Although she is not a REAL person, Jade has always been my favorite character from the MK game series. I love her because not only is she one of the only people of color in the series, she is also devoted to Kitana (her best friend) and Edenia (her homeland), her fatalities are TO DIE FOR and her outfits are SALACIOUS! Her body has made me step my game up! I want pixels like that when I grow up! LMAO!

  • Nikki Floodz
    Nikki Floodz

    Jade....nuff said

  • Bill Stallworth
    Bill Stallworth


Beyonce - Say what you will about the Diva of Destiny, but she is undeniably one of thee BEST entertainers EVER to hit the scene. She has established a one-woman monopoly and I LOVE IT!

Christina Aguilera - She's another favorite singer of mine. Her Dirrty X-Tina phase remains one of my favorite transformations ever.

Larissa Hodge (Bootz) - Not only is she sassy and beautiful, but she's also my 2nd cousin on my father's side. She kept it real on Flavor Of Love & Charm School! ♥ Her!

Dorothy Dandridge - The FIRST black actress to be nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award. Her talent and beauty made her a force to be reckoned with.

Mariah Carey - Definitely one of my top 5 singers of ALL TIME! Her voice is an instrument touched by God, she gorgeous and she's not afraid to show a little (or a lot) of skin! ♥

Marilyn Monroe - One of the most beautiful and iconic females in history. LOVE HER!

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  • Jane Kusner
    Jane Kusner

    Me too! Just gorgeous and funny and sweet!

Karine Steffans - She's proof that just because you start off wrong, it doesn't mean you can't end up right! A fellow Vixen and 3x NY Times Best-Selling Author! YOU MAD?!

Lil' Kim - The Queen of Rap! My idol! I love Kim because she is confident, talented and unapologetic in her overtly sexual lyrics. "Over 10 years strong, still runnin' the game! Cut the comparisons, I'm in the LEGENDARY LANE!" ♥ HER!