Laura Asbury

Laura Asbury

Personal Bailiff to the Honorable, Judge Katarina Cook of the Akron Municipal Court!
Laura Asbury
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I so want/need this if I have my own babies! New moms take a look at this adorable crochet Piglet Disney outfit for your new baby from KreativeKroshay. Whether you have a baby boy or baby girl, you will love these Disney baby outfits from Etsy.


My mommy is taken but my aunt is single and hot. Lol definitely getting this for my future niece/nephew!

just a little preview of my future cottage

Lake House If I ever get a boat and a new house to go with it - remember this - I love this on the water boat garage thing - Love it! Don't want to see my boat hanging out there.


Make your own party hats. Looks like work, but wouldn't little girls love it?

Baby Bottle Cake Pops

Baby Bottle Cake Pops or Marshmallow pops - Super ingenius. The tops are mike and ikes stuck through gummy life savers.

Photograph newborn with object she/he can be photographed with later on. I got to do this with a new born baby and a princess crown. She will wear that crown at her quincenera.