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Science Picture of the Day

This is a Science Picture of the Day activity or science warm up center. Students analyze real life photographs and infer the science in it. It is an excellent way to practice observation, noting key details, practice science vocabulary, and inference skills. A higher order thinking skill that's perfect for science warm ups and practicing writing all while meeting common core standards. $

Engineering Project for Kids: Build a Straw Roller Coaster

Engineering Project for Kids: Build a Straw Roller Coaster! Use straws to create a track that a ping pong ball will roll on. Fun STEM challenge for kids!

Scientific Method Interactive Notebook - Science Skills

Scientific Method : Interactive Notebook: everything you need to do three entries in your interactive science notebooks pertaining to the scientific method including: inference, observations, qualitative, quantitative, predictions, and scientific method steps. #ScientificMethod #InteractiveNotebook #CarrieWhitlockTpT

This short activity gives students a chance to review qualitative and quantitative observations and then practice identifying each type of observation with everyday objects. After dividing the class into six groups, the teacher will give each group a different object.

Hypothesis Interactive Notebook Pages for the Scientific Method

Use these interactive notebook pages in your middle school science class to introduce hypotheses and practice using the correct format

Independent Variable and Dependent Variable Interactive Notebook Pages

Introduce and practice independent and dependent variables in your middle school science class with these interactive notebook pages.

Let your high school or middle school science class solve the crime while they practice applying the scientific method! Lab instructions, student and teacher worksheets, and materials lists for the activity are included.