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My Apocalyptic Job :)

My Apocalyptic Job :)

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Understanding Reflexology. Reflexology promotes healing by stimulating the nerves in the body and encouraging the flow of blood. In the process, reflexology not only quells the sensation of pain, but relieves the source of the pain as well.

Understanding Reflexology

Try these stretches

Types Of Stretches

Health benefits of chicory

Health Benefits of Chicory | Organic Facts

Wild chicory flowers and how to harvest and use for liver and other things

How to harvest & prepare chicory root & its health benefits

mimosa-flower health benefits and how to harvest.

Medicinal Benefits of Mimosa


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Bee balm is strongly antifungal, lending itself to combatting topical infections as well as imbalanced flora such as candida overgrowth and chronic vaginal yeast infections. For topical infections try a wash made from the tea as well as taking it internally as a tincture or tea.

Bee Balm, our Native Spice

Yarrow has many uses. Helps in getting relief from fevers & contagions like colds, flu, coughs as well as sore throats. Yarrow is also beneficial in removing heat & toxins from the system through increased perspiration. Help stop internal (lungs & stomach bleeding, hemorrhoids & heavy menstrual bleeding) as well as external bleeding (cuts, wounds, burns & ulcers). Adding yarrow to natural skin lotions, oils or salves can help with eczema or dry skin. #dherbs #healthtips

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Smartweed and other Wild Edibles

Survival and Preparedness on a Budget: Wild Edibles

Curly Dock, or Yellow Dock. Often viewed as a troublesome weed, the leaves and roots have medicinal properties. The leaves are edible | herbology, herbalism, healing plants, herbal medicine

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Several of these grow wild around here including violets & day lilies--(Putting together lists of flowers for the vegetable (salad) garden)--Edible Flowers

BloomToScoop: Edible Flowers

Constellation Alphabet - $30- follow @vintadesigns on Instagram for affordable original art!

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Hometalk | DIY Emergency Heater

DIY Emergency Heater

Health Effects Of Flip Flops On Your Feet

Health Effects Of Flip Flops On Your Feet |

Are your flip flops providing enough support for your feet this summer? Here are a few tips from The Huffington Post to help you pick a pair that properly fit your feet!

LOOK: How Your Flip Flops Are Killing Your Feet

Dandelion greens chips- coat leaves in OO, bake at 350 for 10 min, sprinkle with sea salt.

ShowFood Chef: Dandelion is the new Kale - Simple Saturday

Gut Healing Vegetable Stock: benefits of onions, garlic and mushrooms with this stock recipe that takes so little time

Gut Healing Vegetable Stock

The power of YL Thieves oil...

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How to Rapidly Relieve an Earache, Using Supplies You Probably Already Have in Your Home

Natural Home Remedies for Earache Relief | Organic Authority

Health #healthy eating #organic health #health tips #better health naturally #health guide|

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

How To Make a Calendula Pot Marigold Infusion - Great for skin conditions!

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Calendula officinalis health benefits. Infographic. Summary of the general characteristics of the Calendula officinalis plant. Medicinal properties, benefits and uses more common of Pot marigold flowers. www.medicinalplan...

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calendula healing power

5 ways to preserve and use calendula flowers — Joybilee Farm

Reflex therapy is a simple method of applying oils to contact points (or nerve endings) in the feet or hands. The charts below show the contact points and the oils that correspond to each one.

Natural Healing & Health Wisdom

Hypothyrodism and Hyperthyroidism - at a glance

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