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Parenting perspectives

Parenting perspectives

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Taming Temper Tantrums | Connective Parenting (this lady has SO many great tips on parenting. definitely an informative website)

Taming Temper Tantrums - Bonnie Harris Connective Parenting

Things to Say to Your Son: Advice for Raising a Boy

19 things to say to your son before he's grown

5 tips to boost your child's creativity

If your mealtimes are a nightmare and you've got picky eaters, here are 5 phrases that will stop dinner time battles once and for all.

5 phrases to stop dinner time battles once and for all

Parenting Tactics could lead to Materialistic Attitudes - adults who felt that their parents either did not have time for them or were disappointed in them were more likely to be materialistic. Additionally, adults who received both material rewards and material punishments as children are more likely to admire people with expensive possessions.

Certain parenting tactics could lead to materialistic attitudes in adulthood

Children are..

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice - Peggy O'Mara via Life Your Way

It’s Not Okay to Yell at Your Kids

We may not realize it, but children are hyperaware of money. They have scores of questions about its nuances that parents often don't answer, or know how to answer well. But for Ron Lieber, a personal finance columnist and father, good parenting means talking about money with our kids much more often. When parents avoid these conversations, they lose a tremendous opportunity—not just to model important financial behaviors, but also to imprint lessons about what their family cares about...

The Opposite of Spoiled

If you want to raise kids who aren't always obsessed with the latest and greatest, and who don't wrap their self-esteem in their possessions, then check out some of these tips to raise non-materialistic children -

7 Thoughtful Ways Raise Non-Materialistic Children

It's not for very long.

The science of raising happy kids #infographic #parenting #drrobyn

This Infographic Reveals How to Raise Happy and Healthy Kids

30 Ways to Raise Confident Kids. This really is an outstanding list. Some new, some I've heard but very comprehensive and something I'm going to try much harder to do.

That's So Cuegly: 30 Ways to Raise Confident Kids

Think your kids are being raised to be kind? Think again. A Harvard researcher and psychologist has 5 ways to train your child to be kind and empathetic.

Raising a Moral Child -

Raising a Moral Child

child rejection

How to Stop Bratty Behavior in a Child

Great Poster on What IS Bullying... Exclusion, Physical, Lies or Rumors, Threats, Verbal Abuse or Teasing... Generally a Combination of the Above

life skills - A nice poster to use as flashcards with social skill building

10 tips for how to raise an intelligent boy // #parenting

how to raise an intelligent boy

The Representation Project: Rewrite the Story. This is so great! I'm so proud of what this organization is getting up to. Great stuff.

Having three little boys running around the house has been a dream -- noisy, hilarious, heartwarming, and more fun than I ever could have imagined. It has also been trying at times.

5 things I learned about raising boys (so far)

I used to think that only Americans and Brits did helicopter parenting. In fact, it's now a global trend.

A Cure for Hyper-Parenting

Best toys for building STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) skills - love the range of ages covered here. This is just one of 10 gift guides and I tell all my friends about them - super detailed and suggested ages too!