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Survival Spears For Wild Animals Attacks Or Hunting and Defense.

Spears are often over looked because most people think they have only one purpose. A good spear head should be considered as the original multi-tool, serving not only as a spear, but also as a shovel, knife, ax and pry bar.

You're Killing Your iPhone With These 7 Charging Mistakes

How to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer - iPhone Charging Tips

Little Bit Funky: how to replace your iphone 4 screen - resources for doing it yourself

I lived my nightmare this week. Talk about first world problems. My iPhone just flew out of my hands and landed face down on the tile.

Wooden Roof Truss Types

I worked for a roof truss manufacturer in Bonners Ferry Idaho. This page sows a few of the types of roof trusses I designed.

Color chart for forging steel

Color chart for forging steel. The clay tempered steel it's a risinig sun color.