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the kids and I did this craft today and I am grumpy that I ever paid money for a star like this because they are so stickin' easy to make!!!

*Good one for the school craft bazaar!*How to make: Shabby chic cardboard stars - You'll need: Empty cereal box Paint (Any colour you fancy!) A felt tip pen in dark blue or black Star templates (included in instructions) Scissors Paintbrush

Where's Wally? Here's Wally, he's been testing out his new Hatchbag Boot liner. He's very pleased with how it fits his VW Golf Mk 7 hatch. So what if Wally rests his chin on top of the rear seats.............its not a problem now as the Seat Flap will protect them!!!!!

Volkswagen Boot Liners made from reinforced PVC, our boot liners are durable & hardwearing. Made in the UK by Hatchbag.