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2015 Tuscany Luxury Diesel Motorhomes: Class A Diesel Pusher by Thor Motor Coach

New Tuscany Diesel Motorhomes. Class A Premium Luxury Diesel Pushers from Thor Motor Coach, the Top Selling Motorhome Brand in US & Canada.

Germans are hanging 2 teenagers for helping captured Soviet soldiers. This is so messed up!

SS troops often made public executions to intimidate local population. Photo: the first public execution on the occupied territories. The Germans hanged 12 people for helping captured Soviet soldiers (Belarus, November

lviv pogrom - Google Search

IDEA - ALM : A Jewish woman lying naked on a Lvov street, during the pogroms of early July


Jew's being stripped naked and paraded by mob

A Jewish man having his nose measured during Aryan race determination tests in Nazi Germany, 1940

A man having his nose measured during Aryan race determination tests. 1940 Never forget!

Auchwitz liberation

Dead bodies piled up in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp after the British troops liberated the camp on April The British found men, women and children dying of starvation and disease. This is the camp that Anne Frank and her sister Margot died in