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Absolutely gorgeous image of what I think is a Rajasthani dancer. (From the That Bohemian Girl tumblr; sorry for the bad source pin, but the theme the user has didn't have a permalink on it! sadface. )

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Wow. AP said: Roman & Celtic-influenced beige wedding gown with hand-stitched gold embroidery & beading, oversized floor-length crepe georgette sleeves and cotton crepe skirt and back, worn by Sofia Myles in Tristan and Isolde (2006)

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Mongolian headdress. One of the most colorful and original items of Mongolian national dress is the traditional head wear. The Mongolian headdresses differs in shape and purpose.

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Africa | Berber girl, Morocco | Image scanned from National Geographic, June 1968, article entitled 'Trek by Mule Among Morocco's Berber'. Photo and text by Victor Englebert.

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