20 Awesome Cleaning Life Hacks That Save You Time And Money

20 Awesome Cleaning Life Hacks That Save You Time And Money


Get your glass shower doors squeaky clean and streak free with these tips from Ask Anna

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors - Ask Anna


{turning a closet into a small craft room} How Cute!

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The craft itself is rather straightforward, but I like the idea of using inexpensive tealights for both the wick and the wax.

18 DIY Beach Wedding Ideas on a Budget


How to make iced coffee in a coffee press: Make double strength coffee by using 6oz of hot water for every 4TBSP of ground coffee (we recommend Kenya). Brew for 4 minutes. Press the plunger down. Pour over a full glass of ice.



If you are looking for the best solution on how to get hairspray off walls, this post is for you! Even though it is intended for your hair, using hair spray also means it gets everywhere- doors, wal

How to Get Hairspray off Walls


Good to know!

How to get rid of paint spills, splatters, and mistakes even after they've dried! - The Creek Line House


Packing Tip | DIY Box Handles | 33+ Helpful Moving Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know. Add a little tape on flat edge to avoid box-cuts. Box-cuts are the bigger, badder big sister of paper-cuts.

33+ Helpful Moving Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know


How to remove smells from Tupperware.

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or ombre anything really

How to Paint an Ombre Dresser


Use press n' seal to prevent your necklaces and jewelry from tangling when traveling

20 genius space-saving hacks for packing your suitcase


Take an IKEA kitchen island and attach an ironing board - Great space saving storage and the perfect spot to also fold laundry!

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55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks. Thus is an oil stain remover. Good to remember when cleaning the garage this summer.

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks (With Pictures)


Updating A Kitchen On A Budget - this post has some great tips on how to add details to your kitchen, to give it that custom built look. These tips are easy to do & they won't cost a fortune.

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Totes made from dish towels!

junkaholique: a few findings of late...


Life in the Hundred Acre Woods: How to make a Rice Bag Heating Pad TUTORIAL

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1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup water. Mix in spray bottle, spray area, leave for an hour, then wipe clean

DIY Mold Remover


Every KitchenAid Mixer attachment & what they do.

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Just 3 simple things!

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner - Effective Natural Recipe


DIY Tree Stump Table

Tree stump table DIY


DIY: Clutch Organizer (using a kitchen pot lid rack) Keeps them from getting all squished up in your closet!

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2 pallets + 3 pavers = outdoor bar

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Amanda Wikle

DIY Lamp Fixture - love the size!

Pysseltips! | Inspirera Mera


Painting the inside of the garage door a dark color to hide all the scuffs and marks that inevitably wind up all over it!

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HATE when this happens - How To Fix A Broken Zipper In Minutes!

How to Repair a Broken Zipper