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Funny "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" Pictures

Tolkien's marvelous Middle-Earth adventures. They make us laugh, they make us cry, and they inspire us to change the world one large Hobbit foot at a time. But since we cannot simply walk into Mordor, we might as well have a bit of fun before we follow some gangly creature into a creepy tunnel.

Funny "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" Pictures

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Smaug wanting to be more like his Sherlock counterpart.

Legolas once he realized that the Hobbits would NOT be taken to Isengard this time. (I couldn't help myself with this one xD)

Basically Thorin's thoughts throughout the entire quest. Gold won in the end.

In which Thranduil completely burns Tauriel.

Ever wonder why Thranduil was never allowed to join the White Council? you go!

Birthday charts, birthday charts. Oh I love Middle-Earth birthday charts! This time I am the Dark Lady of Rivendell. Better watch out, fellow Elves!

  • Lucy Pickens
    Lucy Pickens

    Great soldier Rivendell

  • Silevreneth Dinalagossien
    Silevreneth Dinalagossien

    Handsome Captain of the Guard of Erebor? I'M NOT EVEN A MAN! But other than that, sounds cool.

Who should really be the supermodels of Middle-Earth?

True story, Bilbo.

BILBO BAGGINS: Smaug's personal kiss-ass by Grievous-fangirl on DeviantArt

Thorin can be such a child sometimes.

Thranduil never forgot Legolas's pirate phase. And now because of Bard, he never will.

Oh my goodness, a Boromir pun. Haha! Finally someone new to the pun world!

23 Pictures Only "Lord Of The Rings" Fans Will Think Are Funny

Gotta love Gandalf raccoon xD

23 Pictures Only "Lord Of The Rings" Fans Will Think Are Funny

This just got better as it went on. Haha! Gotta love the new "Battle of the Five Armies" trailer.

I'm sure this is true, but don't worry, Legolas, you're still my favorite. Have been since I read the first book ♥

  • Kaleigh Reynolds
    Kaleigh Reynolds


  • Marie Williams
    Marie Williams

    Legolas is the best. No doubt:)

Never in a million years would I have predicted a "Tangled" and "Hobbit" crossover to this extreme awesomeness.

Oakentoon #91: He's got a dream by PeckishOwl on DeviantArt
  • Livia Fallon
    Livia Fallon


Because only Thranduil can end a party with the epicness it deserves.

Why didn't Thranduil say Strider's true name to Legolas? Well....

The reason why Elves speak with riddles.

The real reason Legolas's mother is never mentioned.

Just some Elves proving to be awesome both on- and off-screen. Plus they make some nice models.

Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 81 Pics

This is the only way Thranduil can throw the ultimate party.

Thranduil strikes again.

It's not the way I envisioned my young adult life going, either.

Exactly, Bilbo! Even though more Middle-Earth movies the better, I say.

  • Akasha

    I hate when people make comments like this, because it just shows me how little they actually know about Tolkien's works. The Hobbit films are not "one book adapted into three movies", but a thorough telling of events described and eluded to within both that book and the appendices of LOTR. Tolkien painstakingly created a detailed world, complete with history and language, and Jackson seeks to pay that world and its epic story the proper respect.

  • Ashley

    Okay, Miss Akasha. The bottom line of this pin is that one book became three movies. That’s it. Nowhere does it describe the detail Peter Jackson has put into the films or that he’s drawn from other works Tolkien himself has written.

  • Ashley

    I know about the detail Jackson put into these films. Trust me. I’ve read and reread all of Tolkien’s works, and have watched everything on Jackson’s extended editions. I additionally know that Tolkien himself has said he wants there to be as many interpretations of his works as possible, so I know he would love Jackson’s adaptation, especially since Jackson has worked so hard to portray the greatness Tolkien put into his novels.

  • Ashley

    So please do not refer to me as someone who knows little about Tolkien’s works. The comment I made in reference to the picture was to the bottom line point, which you seem to be looking into a lot more than is necessary. If you were to even glance at all of my pins and the knowledge I constantly express, you would see that I know a hell of a lot about Tolkien and his works. I’ve essentially dedicated my life to Middle-Earth and it offends me that you would claim otherwise.

  • Ashley

    You have commented on my pins before in a negative way, and I’d really appreciate it if you would stop. The purpose of this board is to make people laugh through blatantly funny pictures or by pointing out the technicalities a picture missed based on what Tolkien actually wrote, not to harshly abuse both the picture and the pinner.