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Funny "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" Pictures

Tolkien's marvelous Middle-Earth adventures. They make us laugh, they make us cry, and they inspire us to change the world one large Hobbit foot at a time. But since we cannot simply walk into Mordor, we might as well have a bit of fun before we follow some gangly creature into a creepy tunnel.

Even Thranduil participates in April Fool's Day! Too bad Tauriel was left out of the loop.

In which Legolas becomes a cat.

Terribly sorry, Tauriel, but this was simply too funny to pass up.

And my friend thought I was crazy when I said Gollum/Sméagol looked scarily adorable in "The Hobbit." AT LEAST LEGOLAS AGREES WITH ME.

Because Thranduil is obviously perfect. Get with it, Hanna Montana.

In which Smaug seeks a Hobbit roommate, similar to how Sherlock Holmes went about it.

Puns in real life. You go, China!

So basically you just have to love Lord of the Rings....or else.

It was only a matter of times before Legolas and the movie Elf got a crossover picture.

This Valentine's Day card has Legolas stating the obvious.

....This is probably the greatest joke ever invented.

And would you like your Hobbit to be hot or cold this fine evening?

Whether you're a fan of Tauriel and Kili as a couple or not, you have to agree this is hillarious!

When Middle-Earth becomes Frozen, the characters of "The Hobbit" decide to switch things up a bit.

Ents are real! Don't try to tell me otherwise.

Let's switch this Fellowship up a bit.... except for Gimli.

This Kili claim is so legitimate I may die xD

Just another way Legolas beats us at being cool.

Now Aragorn has a shot at making a pun, though Gimli finds it significantly less amusing than me. I LOVE IT THOUGH SO WHATEVER.

  • Akasha

    In order for the pun to work, though, he would have to be mispronouncing Smaug... although smoke and smog are completely different things, so really it's just an utter fail altogether.

  • Ashley

    Smog is a type of air pollution. Therefore the pun would actually work. Regardless of whether a person pronounces our beloved Dragon as "Sm-OW-g" or "Sm-og," all the pronunciations are typically known by every Tolkien fan and they will therefore understand the reference to Smaug. Either way, this is a joke. Just enjoy it :)

  • Dorothy

    I got t he joke!

  • Kate Wheaton

    Made me laugh so hard! :P

Valentine's Day may be a bit far off, but it's never too early for some Dwarven love, right?

  • Madison

    @Ashley You have so many followers! Haha :)

  • Ashley

    @Madison I know! It's so crazy! Except now I think people find me funny when really I bet they just enjoy my choice of pictures xD

Sherlock isn't playing games anymore.

Who said "The Desolation of Smaug" wasn't all fun and games? I'd totally go on this water ride!

Basically we need to destroy all rings we happen to stumble upon or else the world will perish.

Thranduil always has to make a grand statement whenever he has an opinion.

You go Daenerys. Tell Smaug who's boss.