Ultimate Goddess Mermaid Tattoo love the idea of a mermaid tattoo

43 Majestic Mermaid Tattoo Designs That Bring Alive the Loved Mythical Creature of the Sea

tea, whiskey, vodka and ink portraits

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I love this style. It's like emo and chill.

This looks like a female version of one of my characters. Just finished packing orders so I thought I'd draw, and then it turned into a thing

Danny O’Connor is an artist from Liverpool, UK....

Danny O'Connor is an artist from Liverpool, UK. His work is a celebration of contrasts focusing mainly on portraits and figures with a prevalence of opposing artistic influences.

كم أحسد هذه السحب والعصافير لأنها الوحيدة التي تملك حق البكاء على كتفيك دون أن يبعدها أحد...

"Sunken Treasure", watercolor by Esra Roise. I don't think I even need to talk about why this is beautiful.

viking drawing | El Viking by ~elshazam on deviantART

A pencil sketch in preparation for colored pc. He is a nice guy with. Thanks for watching,Hope you like it, El Viking

Consider an expressionless, black hearted, soulless look for the tattoo (instead of provocative)

This is really beautiful. I wish that I could sketch out works of art like this. Lately I've found it difficult to find time to complete or begin my own art projects~This truly is amazing, she looks like a Mermaid princess~