Ashley Buchanan
Ashley Buchanan
Ashley Buchanan

Ashley Buchanan

Grilled Chicken Stuffed with Cheese & Peppers-Creole Contessa #OXOGreenSaver @OXO @MelissasProduce

Valley of Lights, Val Trompia, Italy

If you are gonna put up a village... At least this won't take up your whole table/buffet during the holidays!

hang festive ornaments from your shower curtain rings for a fun way to dress up a plain shower curtain... Changing Seasons: Easy Winter Holiday Bathroom Decor from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

Little cookie houses - cute idea for the smaller kids to decorate.

Toddler Halloween Friend Gift OMG my chickens love these oranges! Even my babe with a ton of allergies can have them!

Love this serum! All of my friends and family who see my skin are amazed with the results. I don't know what the secret is, but I have gotten such great color that many people have remarked on it. My skin looks healthy, this by far gives an extremely nature looking tan. I was suffering with eczema and all products that I used before to get tan became my skin red, itchy and very angry. This is the first product for tanning that helps with my eczema.

We create our reality

The perfect nude color for daily wear! Get this look and browse other looks on my page! www.youniqueprodu...

cube shelf from Target turned into cute under-the-bed storage. Totally want to do this. Maybe I could put me clothes I'm it and get rid of y dresser. Then buy a more modern desk and shelf.