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Are you a massage therapist who is ready to learn barefoot massage? Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy classes are available nationwide, you can view course descriptions and see the schedule at
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Offering Ashiatsu barefoot massage classes training / Best deep tissue Ashiatsu barefoot massage in Cincinnati - Affinity Massage Studio | Cincinnati

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San Antonio Sports Massage Therapy - YouTube

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Jeni Spring, Ashiatsu Teacher

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Ashi-Thai Posterior/Anterior combo DVD set

Ashiatsu DF2 Advanced DVD

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Ashiatsu Barefoot Basics DVD

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Ashiatsu Anterior DVD

The Psoas tends to be associated with back pain, and for some people, receiving deep therapeutic massage to this muscle can be beneficial to relieving chronic patterns of tension. There is a popula...

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Student testimonial #iluvashi

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Ashi-Thai. I'll be learning this soon and offering it for my sports/cyclist clients who will LOVE it!

October BB training in Durham, NC. Register now

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Homestudy: Ashiatsu's point of view

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May 1-3 Barefoot basics class in Durham, NC

Want to take Deep Tissue to the next level? Ashiatsu barefoot massage classes will get you there.

Ashiatsu's recent graduates

http;// Texas Ashiatsu Training schedule for the next few months.

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