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The world's deepest indoor swiming pool... Would you dare? YES! :)

exPress-o: Would you dare?

Langahlíð by Jón Óskar Hauksson



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Yosemite National Park - California

The Berry

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Oh my, this goes out to my sister, Janet. I am so grateful I can't afford to go there or Janet would drag me onto this contraption. Underwater roller coaster in Japan! Bucket list anyone? :D

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14 Unknown But Worth To Be Seen Places - Crazy Scary Photo of The Almost Vertical Stairs at Machu Picchu in Peru


14 Unknown But Worth To Be Seen Places -

They are brave.

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Jumping Kjeragbolten by Caterina Bernardi

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Sky diving from space. Details below. www.redbullstrato...

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