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E-ticaret ve içerik pazarlamada Pinterest farkı [İnfografik]: Sosyal webin yeni yıldızı Pinterest’in, kısa sürede özellikle kadın kullanıcılar arasında hızla yayılmasının ardından internetin en önemli trafik kaynaklarından biri haline gelmesi herkesin dikkatini çekmeye devam ediyor.

From the folks over at Deconstructed: who, where, when, what, why? - for eTailers and Content Marketers [

Pinterest vs. Other Social Media Giants [Infographic]

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This pin is an infography for understand this social media. There are a lot of informations about Pinterest : people who pin, it's making history, it's driving traffic, companies are on board, a bit of lingo and how to make Pinterest work for you ?

Infographie : Pinterest le guide marketing

Pin It to Win It: A Marketer's Guide And of course, once we understand the social network, marketers need to know how to use it for marketing!


is the next social commerce game changer, but it certainly won't be the last. Video, music, and location still need work as well in social retail.

PINTERESTing News About Pinterest Users {INFOGRAPHIC}

It's helpful to see one social network statistically compared to another. Especially on a colorful Infographic.

Using Pinterest for business?  Whether you need to get started, or want to hone your skills, you'll love this "10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business" infographic.  The 10 Pinterest rules are:   	Prepare and plan 	Honor your source

Pinterest for Business: Follow These 10 Rules, or FAIL

The 10 Commandments of Using Pintrest for Business - pintrest marketing - social media business infographic

Ways To Maximize Your Pinterest Image Optimization [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Make Images Stand Out on [INFOGRAPHIC] via - If you're a pinhead you probably know most of this stuff already. The bonus stuff is good to know.