Is your Dad a true whiskey man? Help him flaunt his gravitas this Father’s Day with the Personalized Whiskey Man Crate, the pinnacle of sophistication. We laser etch his name into square whiskey glasses so no one will forget whose sophisticated jazz flute skills they were admiring all night, and the matching slate coasters will make him feel Don Draper with every sip.

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It's the most unique anniversary gift ever! Create your own personalized gift book that lists all the reasons why you love someone.

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I love my husband so much! I'm truly lucky to have found the only one in this entire world that God created for me.

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When you become a dad, you become a larger-than-life super-man, an expert on everything from fixing bicycles to Jedi mind control. Dads are pretty high up on the totem pole. Because of that, kids see everything they do and try to mimic it. Dads have the power to really impact and shape little beings. Read on as eBay shares six things that all kids, whether young or old, should see their dads doing.

Lefty pride. lol I've gotten used to the right-handed scissors over the years. I've noticed some quirks that might be related to being left-handed - It feels natural reading magazines and catalogues from back to front and I've always done so. It just makes sense to me, for some reason. Some people say I hold certain utensils awkwardly. Normal for me, but odd to them.

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