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/ Baking change in the lives of Canadian animals! Raise funds for animals in need - Register as a host and celebrate on February

Pupy Training Treats - This is the cutest dog ever. This links to a dog training program btw. Im just pinning for the cute doggie. - How to train a puppy?

hiwoxuuniis: “ KING 5 Our good friend Michael at McGlinn’s Public House took this great shot of an eagle eyeballing him from high in a tree in the Wenatchee area ”

Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

KC MURPHY Toy Aussies Unleashed - Miniature Australian Shepherd Mini Puppy Dogs this brings back wonderful memories of my aussie names TEX.such a great family dog!

Winston chillen in the garden, you kant find me i am hiding in the busches

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Eyecandy Bulldogs in snow after snow storm. Eyecandy Bulldogs after snow storm. Eyecandy Bulldogs in snow after snow storm.

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