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Ashley Heinemann (Becker)
Ashley Heinemann (Becker)
Ashley Heinemann (Becker)

Ashley Heinemann (Becker)

Insulin This chart is GREAT! After all of these years of nursing...I still need a reference!

Slow Cooker Creamy Tortellini, Spinach and Chicken Soup with Parmesan Cheese

NUR 106 (UNIT 5) Cardiovascular Therapy: Non-Diuretic Cardiac Drugs flashcards | Quizlet

Cardiac tamponade occurs when fluid [blood] builds up in the pericardial sac (the sac that surrounds the heart.) This fluid compresses the heart. Enough blood cannot be pumped in and out of the heart - this decreases the cardiac output, causing one million problems. This is a life-threatening condition. Signs & Symptoms -BP decreases, because you are hemorrhaging; CVP [pressure inside the heart] increases, because blood is squeezing the heart; heart sounds are distant and muffled [all th

ECG waves - in preparation for my unit getting monitored beds! Arrhythmia class here I come...

Easy, lean turkey burgers! Great way to get the veggies in. I bet the kids will even love these.

From freshman year all the way until graduation, the circulation of the heart will haunt you! But, you can fight back by becoming confident in your cardiac anatomy and physiology as you memorize the 21 steps of circulation.

I remember this from nursing school! I loved diagrams like this.

NUR 106 (UNIT 5) Cardiovascular Therapy: Non-Diuretic Cardiac Drugs flashcards | Quizlet

Quick tips for IV solutions

#DIY Photo Letters. Going to put all photos of both sides of the family and put these on the shelf we are building above the bed

The Britax Back Seat Mirror is shatter-proof and reflects a head-to-toe view of baby.

walk-in shower - great way to keep air circulation and not worry about cleaning a glass door or washing curtains.

I want one! Button-up Baby Wrap, a cocoon for newborns.