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I want a POMSKY!

I want a POMSKY!

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Pomsky (Husky & Pomeranian)

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So cute!

Kaya on Dogster [Pix 1]
  • Megan Monson
    Megan Monson

    Just so you know this one is an alaskan klee kai... equally as cute, though. Love your pomsky board!

I will own a pomsky one day :)

  • Mari Diaz
    Mari Diaz

    there's no such thing. and if there is, that just isn't natural. try perhaps an alaskan klee kai. now those are True Miniature Huskies. and it's an actual breed. Just sayin :)

  • Ashley Brooke Nelon
    Ashley Brooke Nelon

    There is actually such a thing. It's just another dog breed, perfectly natural as any other dog breed. Thanks for telling me what you think though, I'll keep that other breed in mind if I ever look for another dog. Byyyyyeeee.

  • Mari Diaz
    Mari Diaz

    Lol no problem


im officialy addicted to pomsky's. (cross of pomeranian and husky

such a cute pomsky looks like mini husky!

what is a pomsky - Google Search

  • Jade Serradell
    Jade Serradell

    That's not a pomsky, careful!!

  • Cindy Overbeek
    Cindy Overbeek

    No pomsky!!

  • Ashley Brooke Nelon
    Ashley Brooke Nelon


Lion Groomed Pomsky

- pomskies

this white pomsky is for sale... yes pleaseeeeee

Noki the Pomsky as a puppy at 5 weeks old... I need one of these!

Pomeranian + Husky = Pomsky Puppies!!!

  • Olga Gonzalez
    Olga Gonzalez

    Can l buy one

pomsky - love them! this is the dog i want! it gets as big as a Pomeranian but has the looks of the husky (and some of the looks are from the Pomeranian-color ect)


another pomsky - oh i want one!

These Pomskis are the cutest dogs I have ever seen!

The Pomsky will in fact be my next dog. =)

Meep the Pomsky as a puppy at 10 weeks old

Pomsky (Pomeranian + Husky) = Christmas present

Arctic Design Pomskies -

Pomsky... Still obsessed

Arctic Design Pomskies .. so far the only TRUE Pomsky pictures I know of!