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They made puzzles out of this picture and sent it to their out-of-town family members to open on Christmas morning.

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How mom stops a nightmare. I hope you've seen this, it's adorable. I couldn't stop saying awwwww

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Tennis Ball Redo: A DIY Stuff Holder

Tennis Ball Helper by and : For anywhere you need an extra...mouth. Cut a slit in a tennis ball using a box cutter or sharp knife. Add rivets or google eyes. Hang him on the wall by a nail or suction cup in the back of his ‘head’. Thanks to @Josh Draper !

This is Venus, she's a Chimera cat and technically, her own twin! She's the result of four parent cells (two fertilized eggs or two embryos fused together). The two separate organisms had already started to develop, so that's why some features of both remained in this one amazing kitty! WHAT!