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I love being inspired, and Pinterest is the perfect place to inspire and be inspired. My passions are for life, love, travel, and design.

So many awesome ideas! Lots of them are super simple too.

Top 10 Books for Parenting Boys - This is such a great list, #3 and #5 are going on my audiobooks list!

Corn Meal Weed Control

love the simple stripes with layers, green army vests are a must

Add pattern to a lawn by adding paving stones in a grid. This allows for grass to grow while keeping a solid surface to walk on, and just looks great!

Midiron is a type of Bermuda grass commonly used for parks, schools and other high-traffic areas. This grass is the most widely used sod in Arizona because it is the best overall adapted grass for lawns in the desert valleys.

Landscaping is Easy – Get Ideas and designs. Over 7000 High-Resolution Photos and Step-by-Step Plans

Bush Morning Glory, Convolvulus cneorum. Also called Silverbush. Xeriscape Landscaping Plants For The Arizona Desert Environment. Pictures, Photos, Information, Descriptions, Images, & Reviews. Groundcovers.

Dr. Dan's Garden Tips: Lighting It Up.

raised vegetable garden arizona - Google Search

The Mimosa is a gorgeous flat-topped deciduous tree that brings a special rainforest effect to the Sonoran desert. The very hardy and heat loving Mimosa is ideal wherever a full, dense canopy is desired during the summer months

Here we have a sturdy bottle opener made from solid hard wood. It attaches directly to the wall for convenient bottle opening, and doubles as a lovely piece of handcrafted decor. Each wall-mounted bottle opener is simply screen-printed with "Drink Local" and a state silhouette of your choice in white. If there's a better reason than beer to support local, we haven't heard it. Nor do we want to.

Beautiful to spruce up Arizona's ugly landscape.

Fire Pits can be constructed out of many types of materials. Strip stone is a type of flagstone that is cut into 8" strips and is used in this fire feature. All of our fire features come with a gas adjustment valve to increase or decrease the size of the flame. The feature allows the client to adjust the flame and heat to the type of entertaining that they are having.

Square Estate Wall Fire Pit

How to have a green lawn year-round in the Arizona desert. Everything you need to know!

bougainvillea tree. They do well in hot, dry areas, like Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

Italian Turkey and Orzo Soup Recipe