Kräuterturm: der vertikale Garten

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Hellebore 'Winter Bells'

Hellebore 'Winter Bells' - Cottage Garden Plants - Van Meuwen

Un beau vert, une couleur tendance en 2015 #green #color #inspiration #pepperbutter

October 26, 2014, 3:29 PM | lisadominguez | VSCO Grid™

verbena bonnairiensis

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'Fragrant Blue' is one of the bluest hostas and something of a breakthrough in breeding. It combines the fragrance of plantagenia with the blue color of sieboldiana.

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SO MANY FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flowers by color. So amazing and helpful

Hayley's Wedding Tips 101

Flower names by Color




Polyanthus --- Polyanthus plants, sometimes known as primrose, are a spring plant that offers blooms in a rainbow of colors. There is a difference between a Polyanthus and a Primrose. A primrose has one flower on a stalk, but a polyanthus has many.

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Plants for a blue garden

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Fabulous, colorful, low maintenance perennials for your garden.

Landscape Design Advice

Easy To Grow Flowers | Low Maintenance Perennials

Blue is one of the hardest colors to find for the garden. Read here how to give your garden the BLUES.

Give Your Garden the Blues- U of I Extension

50 Blue Plants for the Landscape Garden

50+ Blue Plants for the Landscape Garden

15 Eye-Popping Purple Plants -->

Choosing Purple Flowers and Plants for the Garden : HGTV Gardens

Blue Garden Plants | For seed giveaways, daily tips and plant info, come join us on facebook!

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Blue veronica with ferns. Gorgeous for the shade garden!

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Blue Flax - one hearty plant that come up year after year - and the deer won't eat it!

Picasa Web Albums - Gotta Garden - Plant Trades

Fennel and Nepeta in The Blue Garden (after years of maintaining it I HATE the smell of nepeta but you have to admit it looks good, especially with this gone-to-seed fennel!)

The Blue Garden

beautiful delphinium.

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Echinops ritro - globe thistle

Echinops ritro

Phlox and globe thistle

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Driveway garden - Perovskia - Russian sage and Echinops 'Veitchs Blue' - Globe thistle at Pensthorpe in Norfolk... also Agastache, probably 'blue fortune'

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Dierama pulcherrimum, Blackbird. Full sun and in a warm, sheltered spot. Flowers June to August. Angel's fishing rod is perfect for introducing movement to a well-drained border in a sunny, sheltered site, or for overhanging water. Initially slow to establish, it looks particularly good with early autumn-flowering ornamental grasses. More:

Dierama pulcherrimum, Blackbird & Lancelot

In early spring, when hostas are coming up, mix 10 parts water to 1 part ammonia, and pour over plant and soil. This will kill slug larvae.


Keeping Slugs Off Hostas

gorgeous color for shade - hostas, heuchera, and painted fern

Annie Pearce | London

Annie Pearce | London