30 Must Read Quotes About Women And The Fire Within Them

What are the feelings that a woman feels? Well this is probably the most complex question of this millennium. And I think quotes about women are the easiest way to answer this question. A woman plays many roles in her life, and this is probably a well-kno

A girl can dream right?

i take great photos, i eat fresh fruit, i wear bikinis and i love one man. Time to travel the out of four. I'll never be able to do the bikini lol

Stress anxiety and depression are caused when we are living to please others. Paulo Coelho inspirational quotes words to live by

strive to be dangerous///I was told I was dangerous.I asked why? They said "because you don't need anyone." That's when I smiled.

50 Great Inspirational And Motivational Quotes Of The Day

the day i changed was the day i quit trying to fit into a world that never really fit me

Only the FOOL reveals all that they know. The fool loves parading around with their seemingly infinite knowledge. They are always open to explaining EVERYTHING and ANYTHING