and filled with grain... lol

cuz someone thought to use the pyramids to answer the white board. I lovzes the Internets. Don't ask me why I know that

Wenns regnet, ich bin gewabnet.

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Yeah if hillary wins the election. Every one in America will be expired

Love the "This-was-my-idea-and-everyone-loves-it" face.

Love the "This-was-my-idea-and-everyone-loves-it" face. (By the way I thought when my parents wanted a toast they meant toast as well XD)

Funny tumblr post

Writing prompt: imagine if someone handed you a box with everything you've lost in your life.

The shortest history of the world… these are brilliant. Apologies to my foreign friends.

Funny pictures about Most Accurate History Of The World. Oh, and cool pics about Most Accurate History Of The World. Also, Most Accurate History Of The World photos.

Or something

Twilight and 50 shades are both jokes. 50 shades is a much worse, disgusting abusive cluster fuck though. (Jewel don't kill me)

So Accurate

When I had abs I wore the same big shirt I wore when I had boobs.