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    I'm use to it. Doesn't mean it's acceptable or liked. But I'm use to it. Yet I feel that some people aren't. So I'm there for them. The younger ones who are dealing with the ugliness life throws at them are the ones who really worry me. I remember being there. So I can't help it. I'm there for them.

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    The benefits of a Bad mood. a bad mood may benefit you in fighting depression... What?!

    The benefits of a Bad mood.

    People (and the rest of the world) hear what you say about them. And all of it also feels the energy behind HOW YOU SAY IT.

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    This is more true then you know. It's amazing what someone will say and do when they think you don't know anything......dv

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    bring it.



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    you never know who needs you, good energy is contagious

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    Letting go

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    REAL...Something I will tell my daughter eveyday of her life. Especially when she is in tears from her "so called" friends. It's not an age thing, it never ends. I pray for her "realness"...

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    It doesn’t matter what people think of you. | Community Post: 16 Things Mr. Feeny Taught Us

    Community Post: 16 Things Mr. Feeny Taught Us

    Note to self....There is no such thing as fairness No one gets what they "deserve", whether it be good or bad.

    If you expect the world to be fair with you… | TruthTheory

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    Love this. True statement.

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    Print this Inspirational Quote for FREE at Mrs. Hines' Class - so true. I should print this and post it so I see it every day!

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    deep life quotes that make you think - Google Search

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    Done with the fights, done with the drama, let's live and let live, please, please don't contact me, I won't contact you. When the baby is born, if you don't want me to see her, you shouldn't post the pictures on Pinterest. If you do, I am obviously going to look at them and save them. I don't want it to start another email war which will lead to a Pinterest war.

    Moving On Quotes

    Always REMEMBER...It's your life, live it for you!!! Don't make YOUR life decisions based upon Fear, Obligation or Guilt (FOG). Abusive relationships often use FOG tactics to "trap" you.

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    Breakup quote but I think it's applicable to many things in life

    Breakup quotes for girls (:,
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    At every stage you should be getting better.....

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    I can only bite my tongue for so long!! One of these days something completely absurd is gonna slip out of your egotistic self righteous mouth and im gonna let you have it!!!

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    Inspirational Quotes - Follow Your Gut - Arts and Classy


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