Stanislava Pinchuk Hand Poke Tattoo Artist

14 Of The Most Delicate (& Stunning) Tattoos We've Ever Seen

m-i-s-o: “Dropped in on a favourite today ; Home-made tattoo for Beci, traded for a rug. Melbourne, ” adore so so much

15 Creative Negative Space Tattoos In classic art, negative space is a tint area of black color, but in tattoo art, it is the skin, left uncovered by ink. Negative space tattoos are designs playing.

flowers on shoulder; botanical drawing style

A tattoo is a form of body modification but the better word to describe the tattoos is body art. Flower tattoos are very popular among shoulder tattoos mostly

adventure time tattoos intrigue me so much

Amazing Adventure Time watercolor tattoo by Russian tattoo artist Sasha Unisex!