Hi! Um my names Ashley and I Pin stuff. I'm not to great I'm kinda boring but if you like me than please follow me and when I have time I will follow you back
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medium length indie scene hair | Rebecca For Hair

My dream to have white hair but I have dark eyes and eyebrows and fair/medium skin. Hope it works - love her smile

I really hope I can get my hair like this one day.. I am never cutting it short again...

Here's my piercing and I'm trying a bunch of new hair colors out of the tree which one is York fave comment

This will be what I do to my hair when I next get it cut!!!

If you looking at a girl who just crossing eighteen to twenty six age level did not try to embrace a emo hairstyle. But things are not so easy they way they think. Because there is matter of suit as all hairstyles does not suit all. However, some tend to