Sequined Chairbacks

Great idea for my vanity chair where the back is on display. Sequins on backs of dining room chairs? Maybe just on back of a chair with bedroom vanity.


Nothing sparkles more than diamonds, BUT glitter and sequins put up some fun competition! The girls over at The Glitter Guide would probably agree! Who doesn't love a little sparkle? Me, I love A L.

glitter teaspoon set, $34

Glitter Teaspoon set And food safe because the glitter is encased in acrylic. I really think your tea would taste so much better stirred with a glitter spoon, don't you?

sequin dresses

Declare the bachelorette party a sparkle-themed one, and deck yourselves from head to toe with glittery things. With sequined party dresses, shiny jewelry, and fancy high heels, your group will definitely make a sparkly statement while out on the town.

Alice & Olivia GORGEOUS dress $550

ALICE & OLIVIA Ritchie Embellished Blouson Dress : Glittering sequins add instant glam to this gorgeous blouson silhouette of soft, breezy chiffon. Blouson bodice set-in waist.

sequin stirrers

Glitter Sequins "Disco Ball" craft featured on The Sweetest could also use our Wooden Ball Topper Sticks for this craft.

sparkle stairs

Mirror mosaic stairs, because staircases deserve a little sparkle too.


tulle creation by David Fielden Couture, a mother-of-pearl sequin gown by Georges Chakra, and a vintage dress by Dior Couture. so stunning.