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Ball gown

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - "Venus"


into the woods

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Hope for the Hopeless


Painting the roses red..

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going glam with gi gi



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Ophelia by colourspace, via Flickr

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catching time

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storybook magic


let me in...

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Through the looking glass

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The Myth of Pygmalion and Galatea Pygmalion – Greek Myths & Greek ...

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Nyx on the Behance Network

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Scathach, Celtic Goddess of fighting arts and prophecy. Called the Shadowy One, She Who Strikes Fear, and the Dark Goddess, she was a warrior woman and prophetess who lived in Albion, possibly on the Isle of Skye, and taught fighting arts. Variants: Scota, Scatha, Scath.

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Tailtiu - Irish Goddess of the month August and Midsummer. She is largely viewed as a goddess of the earth, sovereignty, harvest, and first grains, particularly of wheat.

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In Greek mythology, Iris is the personified goddess of the rainbow. She is regarded as the messenger of the gods to humankind.

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Epona is the Celtic Horse Goddess associated with fertility, a cornucopia, horses, asses, mules, and oxen who accompanied the soul on its final journey. Uniquely for the Celtic goddesses, the Romans adopted her and erected a temple to her in Rome. ♥

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ZELUS (Zelos) - The god of rivalry and competition. He was one of four winged Daemones who guarded the throne of Zeus. [The angel by heise]

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Admete (pronounced ad-MEET-ee) is the Greek Goddess of Unmarried Women. She is one of the Okeanides, the 3000 daughters of Tethys and Okeanos, Goddess and God of the Oceans. Admete was one of the Okeanides who were attending Persephone when she was abducted by Hades. Her name means “unwedded.”

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Psyche means Soul, and she was its personification in a lovely story. She was the wife of Eros (God of Love, son of Aphrodite) and their myth is about how Love and the Soul came together. More or less the story goes that her family offended Aphrodite, and they left Psyche on a mountain as a sacrifice for a monster in penance. Monster ended up being super hunky Eros, but she wasn't allowed to know. When she finds out, and he finds out that she finds out, the challenges begin and Psyche has to ...

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Rigantona’s themes are sports, excellence, magic, fertility, movement and travel. Her symbols are horses, the moon, white items and birds. A Roman/Italic form of Rhiannon, this Goddess travels the earth on a swift white horse, a lunar symbol, sweeping us up to travel along and get everything in our lives moving! Stories portray Rigantona in the company of powerful magical birds and She also represents fertility.

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Selene is the Goddess of the moon in Greek mythology, and Her name means just that, "Moon." She is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia. She represents, the moon, the white stag, peacefulness and slumber, of gentle beauty and restful healing.

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Greek goddess Psyche remind us that the integration of our experiences, however sad or frightening they may be, mature and transform us, like her symbol, the butterfly, emerging into the light from the darkness of the cocoon.

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Atalanta was the daughter of Hades and grew up in the wilderness. Once, Artemis, goddess of the Hunt (AKA Diana) was forgotten at sacrifice by King Oineus, and became furious and sent a wild boar that terrorized men, cattle and prevented crops from being planted. Atalanta joined many famous heroes on the hunt. Many of the men were angry that a woman was joining the hunt and several of the men were killed before Atalanta was the first to hit the boar and draw blood.

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