re-use Starbucks coffee jars...Wow, I never realized they look like vintage milk bottles

"re-use Starbucks coffee jars.Wow, I never realized they look like vintage milk bottles" --They don't. Those are not Starbucks coffee jars. Though repurposed Starbucks jars would look good too.

Cute little snail to hold my tea bag.

Party Snail - SoulFun Design by Kvvlu. Not only teabag holders, they come in different colors for quirky cup and plate identification. [I can't resist a cute snail.

This genius of a machine can take any hard candy, and I mean ANY hard candy and make it into fluffy cotton candy! Can you imagine? Jolly Rancher cotton candy! Candy cane cotton candy! Butterscotch cotton candy! The possibilities are limitless. That’s definitely worth fifty bucks in my book!

Nostalgia Electrics - Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker - Pink

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weird and awesome

Cool idea, maybe different look though. Face is kinda creepy, lol OMNOMNOM COOKIES cookie holder at the bottom of a cup; don't need to use another plate for the cookies