Hair tips and ticks--trying the no-heat curl trick tonight

20 Of The Best Hair Tips and Tricks (With Pictures)

Love different hairstyles for long hair? wanna give your hair a new look ? different hairstyles for long hair is a good choice for you. Here you will find some super sexy different hairstyles for long hair, Find the best one for you,

Fishtail Braided Updo

Since the new French braid updo hairstyles hit the fashion runways a few years ago, stylists have taken up the challenge to create lots of fabulous new braided

Choosing your wedding hairstyle…

Your hairstyle should be elegant and timeless. Browse through these head-turning hairstyles for homecoming and find the one that complements your dress.

blonde side swept wedding hair @Ashley Mary .. i'm thinking something like this for my do for the wedding! what do you think?

Behind the Chair IV

blonde side swept wedding hair, i'm thinking something like this for my do for the wedding! what do you think?

Curled half updo swept to the side @Tanis Lavallee Lavallee Lavallee Lavallee Lichti sooo pretty eh?!

Wedding Hairstyles That Are Half-Up But Fully Beautiful

Yes - Side Swept Wedding Hair curl hair in mermaid waves, make two large messy/loose braids to connect around at the back of head. Now take the left side of your hair hanging beneath the braid and pul (Prom Hair Pulled Back)

The Freckled Fox : Wedding Hair: Retro Waves + a Compliment Giveaway

Hi there my people, hope you're having a great Thursday and all that, and I hope you really love this tutorial for today! I've been getting a lot of emails for a bridal look with curls and a retro vib

@Brittany Sloat Bridesmaid hair? Love it!

curly side ponytail with french braid - might not work for bride hair w/ a veil.but cute for bridesmaid

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