I look at this picture and it makes me think of the strength and how I feel with Christ. I'm so small compared to him but yet exact same creature. "walk like a lion look like a lion must be a lion.." "walk like Christ act like Christ must be a Christian."

Nickname: Christy (hence the alias "Missy Christy") I am a Beauty and Fashion Enthusiast & Pop Culture Addict! I am an Entrepreneur: -A Certified Wedding & Event Planner by The Bridal Society -A Professional SHOP Consultant (An UnFranchise Owner) -A...

She could never look at his smile without feeling her heart melt. Sometimes, when she was angry with him, she wished she could look away but his smile was so genuine, so magnetic, that it made looking away a struggle and staying angry impossible.

Welcome to my photoblog. My name is Alexia and I'll be your host on this virtual journey to awesomeness.I strive to provide you with the best photographs and photographers from around the world.“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is...

Break the habit by figuring out if the problem is something you can change. If you can, change it & speak on the joy of the change. If you have no control to change the problem then let it go & speak on the joy of the of release so it doesn't consume you.

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