Literacy & Math Ideas: Fraction Strategies

Fraction Strategies

Making Bulletin Board Titles

Making Bulletin Board Titles (Life in First Grade)

Great book for animal adaptations and an adorable activity

Finally in First

Stuckey in Second: Close Reading with Oreos - brilliant way to have kids consider how they read...and you get to eat oreos in class

Stuckey in Second: Close Reading with Oreos

In this file, you get an original "essential oils"-themed article for 3rd-5th grade (I will be using it with my students in 3rd); 8 questions formed using FSA testing stems and a written performance task. Students will read the one (double-sided) literature passage about a girl and her dog with nine questions written in FSA-style such as HOT TEXT, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, and Open Response.

Bella and Allen (Lit) Text & Question Set - FSA-Style Assessment

Daily 5 For My 3rd Graders: Third Grade Rocks!!!

Daily 5 For My 3rd Graders: Third Grade Rocks!!!

from Hope King "Second Grade Shenanigans" " on TPT Do your kiddos have chocolate fever

Chocolate Fever: A Novel Study

Mentor texts: common themes in literature ~ believe in yourself, courage cute little read aloud - storytelling

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Would be great to use with the 4th graders and writing about the gold rush


Their goal was to understand what a character looks like on the inside and the outside. Before writing about characters in a book, they wrote about themselves!

Mrs. Patton's Class

What Does the "Text" Say? Text Evidence Reading Response Printables

What Does the "Text" Say?

Character Report Card--love this idea!

Reading Is Thinking: favorite books

Common Core Reading Foldables - for this one, they read a story, then draw a picture or write to answer questions

Common Core Reading Foldables

Grammar Grade 3 Common Core Aligned- All you need including calendar and printables with standards plugged in to each activity $6

Gobs of Grammar - Grade 3 Common Core Aligned

An easy way to help students track key information from a text AND track their reactions to the text.

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Third Grade Thinkers: A Character Trait BioPoem for Famous Americans @ Christy Gotcher... This would be great I think and would get some writing in as well!

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Guided reading provides a great reading foundation for children. It helps enhance their vocabulary, as well as creating strong reading skills. These skills will help them in the future when reading becomes more prevalent due to their larger work load. As children begin to read out loud they also become more comfortable reading in front if their peers.

Guided Reading Material - PDF

Little Lovely Leaders: Ecosystems Brochure Project

Little Lovely Leaders: Ecosystems Brochure Project

A great resource for students to use while writing about reading! Students are able to decide using the ring of cards which prompt they want to use. Sentence frames are also included to guide their writing or collaborative conversations around literature.

Reading Comprehension Questions

Bunnicula! This unit is awesome. It has a cover page, questions for each chapter, writing activities, a character chart, vocabulary test, an end of unit test, and a research project.

Bunnicula Unit Activities, Quizzes, and Tests

Use crates to make a supply station for each group of desks. | 35 Cheap And Ingenious Ways To Have The Best Classroom Ever

35 Cheap And Ingenious Ways To Have The Best Classroom Ever

I would use QR Codes in the classroom for a number of activities. Whether it was literacy, math, science or any subject, QR codes get students used to using technology in a fun and creative way. The student would grab a cube and complete each of the activities as part of a daily task. I would use this in my 1st grade classroom.

QR Codes in the classroom.

So many uses for this book! reading comp: theme. Writing: word choice, voice, illustrating, brainstorming, vivid verbs persuasive writing- having students write an advertisement for a book they have written.

Robot Check

Upper Elementary Snapshots: Making the Most of Classroom Magazines

Making the Most of Classroom Magazines

Explorer unit. Some great project ideas here.

the {ART} of learning: Age of Exploration Unit Ideas