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Better Your Best with MY ASICS

Better Your Best with MY ASICS

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Christian Schiester describes why he loves trail running. #betteryourbest

Professional tennis player, Gaël Monfils, gives a tip which has helped him get to the top of the game. #betteryourbest

Gaël Monfils brings his own personality to the court, making for some exciting #tennis! #betteryourbest

"I am made of sticking to my path, no matter what." - Christian Schiester, trail runner. #betteryourbest

"The court is the best place in the world to be, so just enjoy it." - Gaël Monfils #betteryourbest

Italian volleyball player Dragan Travica is made of rivalry. #betteryourbest

Gaël Monfils talks about having respect for rules. #betteryourbest

Rhino Runner Vincent O'Neill talks about his goals. #betteryourbest

Vincent O'Neill, who runs marathons in costume for Save The Rhino, talks about his constant strive for improvement. #betteryourbest

"I am made of all the days you don't see, not just the one you do." - Beijing Olympics Triathlon Champion, Jan Frodeno #betteryourbest

"Never accept less than what you know you can do." - Rhino Runner Vincent O'Neill #betteryourbest

Rhino Runner Vincent O'Neill says how he betters his best. #betteryourbest

Christian Schiester, who went from smoking 40 cigarettes a day, to winning 100k races says how he became who he is today. #betteryoubest

"I am made of sacrifice, not surrender."-Lolo Jones #betteryoubest

"I am made of all or nothing."-Lolo Jones #betteryoubest

I am made of the journey, not the distance. #betteryourbest

"I am made of self-belief, not second thoughts." - Lolo Jones #betteryourbest

Rhino Runner Vincent O'Neill is made of sport. #betteryourbest

I am made of belief not doubt. #betteryourbest

I am made of more today than yesterday. #betteryourbest

Italian Volleyball Player, Dragan Travica on honesty. #betteryourbest

The Italian Volleyball coach on being part of a team. #betteryourbest

The Italian Volleyball Coach on responsibility. #betteryourbest