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This board is to provide a loose idea of how things look in the near-future world of "UbiquiCity," from architecture to transportation to technology. For more info, visit http://UbiquiCity.com

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57 Ideas Sci Fi Concept Art Building Futuristic Architecture For 2019 Fantasy City, Fantasy Places, Fantasy World, Future City, Future House, Futuristic Architecture, Amazing Architecture, Revit Architecture, Architecture Graphics

Complex at the Centre of the Universe created by Staszek Marek (Poland)


Future city, cyberpunk and sci-fi inspiration ArtStation – Nuevo Guayaquil, Kirsten Zirngibl Cyberpunk City, Ville Cyberpunk, Futuristic City, Futuristic Architecture, Fantasy City, Fantasy Places, Fantasy World, Sci Fi Fantasy, Future City

Nuevo Guayaquil/New Angeles, Kirsten Zirngibl

A concept/illutsration done for the "Worlds of Android" IP book for Netrunner. The main tower here is one of the giant arcologies for the rich in this city (Notice the enormous glass-bottomed pool at its roof!) Also known as New Angeles, it has

Cobra Towers in Kuwait. There certainly is some interesting skyscraper architecture going on in the Middle East. Unusual Buildings, Interesting Buildings, Amazing Buildings, Modern Buildings, Architecture Unique, Futuristic Architecture, Building Architecture, Futuristic Design, Zaha Hadid

The Cobra Tower in Kuwait

The Cobra Tower in Kuwait. I'm tired of these mother fluffing snakes on this mother fluffing .. Building!?

Celisticar, Future City, futuristische Architektur, zukünftiges Gebäude, futuristische Stadt = – – Adrian Mendoza – Autor von The Kaleidoscope: The Gift of Madness Source by Futuristic City, Futuristic Architecture, Architecture Drawing Sketchbooks, Architecture Concept Diagram, Architecture Concept Drawings, Parametric Architecture, Green Architecture, Futuristic Design, Architecture Portfolio

Celisticar, Future City, futuristic architecture, future building, futuristic city, future architecture, paradise, cyber city, green city

Celisticar, Future City, futuristic architecture, future building, futuristic city, future architecture, paradise, cyber city, green city by FuturisticNews.com on Indulgy.com

Future City by Tatsushi Morimoto : RetroFuturism Futuristic City, Futuristic Architecture, City Architecture, Future City, Future Vision, Sci Fi Stadt, Art Science Fiction, Sci Fi Kunst, Arte Sci Fi

The Psychedelic Japanese Cityscapes Of Decades Past

If older science fiction designs are any indicator, the city of today should look like a bundle of broken Christmas tree lights during the middle of a Peyote trip. Here's a sampling of fantastic retrofuturistic metropolises and architecture by Japanese artists from the 1960s-1980s. Given our technological advances, there's really no reason we shouldn't all be living in giant spider mechs by now. Pop on some Yellow Magic Orchestra (a personal favorite around here) and dream of a future where…

Centro Cultural Internacional Oscar Niemeyer by Oscar Niemeyer Architect.Best Ideas For Architecture and Modern Design : – Picture : – Description Oscar NiemeyerThe Architecture Inspiration of Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre in Avile Cultural Architecture, Futuristic Architecture, Beautiful Architecture, Contemporary Architecture, Art And Architecture, Creative Architecture, Futuristic Houses, Retro Futuristic, Architecture Interiors

'What attracts me are sensual curves': Superstar architect Oscar Niemeyer whose work was inspired by the female form dies at the age of 104

In works from Brasilia's crown-shaped cathedral to the undulating French Communist Party building in Paris, Niemeyer shunned the steel-box structures of many modernist architects.

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Cyberpunk-theme imagery. For a heightened experience, look at these images while listening to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85bkCmaOh4o