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Christmas Mosaic

Christmas Mosaic

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Sub Plans- Extra Projects-Crinkled paper & markers - This seems pretty simple! sub plan - fractured art, maybe use this as a link between Mondrian and Pollack

Pointillism Landscape like the artist George Seurat.

Great ideas on this site for fourth-grade level children; nice, simple pointillism picture is one idea

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A self-portrait and a hand mirror. Kids do self portraits of the BACK of their heads, neck and shoulders. Take picture of each child's face and glue it onto the paper mirror.

Malen Sie Halloween Motive auf die Steine

Painted Pebbles - Fridge Magnets: Cats Painting on Stones, Hand Painted Stones, Cat Magnets, Pebble Magnets, Original Stone Painting Cat Art

It would be fun to blow up a photo online and give each kid a page to re-create with crayons.

Collaborative Elementary Art Grid Drawing Mural Tempera and oil pastel. Each kid gets a section of the grid to work on, then put all together for a mural.