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Settar Dinçtürk
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thedemon-hauntedworld: “ Helix Nebula Credit: Cosmos The Helix Nebula in the constellation of Aquarius lies about 700 light-years away. I have read that it is referred as *The Eye of God*

Media by Bryon Gloden CISSP published November 09 2016 at 12:39AM

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 2016 November 8 The Cosmic Web of the Tarantula Nebula It is the largest and most complex star forming region in the entire galactic neighborhood. Located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small satellite galaxy.

Thor's Helmet, NGC 2359, a helmet-shaped nebula w/wing-like appendages

"NGC 2359 (also known as Thor's Helmet) is an emission in the constellation Canis Major. The nebula is approximately light-years away and 30 light-years in size.

A place in Ireland where every two years on June 10-18 the stars line up with this place. It’s called heavens trail.

"Heavens Trail" A place in Ireland, where every two years on June 10 to the stars line up with this path. Actually just a nice pic of the Milky Way! And no the stars don't line up with the path!