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IG: hijab_is_my_diamond_official

IG: hijab_is_my_diamond_official

Σαν χθες αποθηκευα για το κυκλοφορικό και τώρα τελειώνει και το νευρικό και αποθηκεύω για αναπαραγωγικό...  Θα κλάψω :-( :-(

This medical chart illustrates a graph of the female menstrual cycle showing the endometrium, ovulation, hormone levels and body temperature.

Menstrual cycle Follicular phase: estrogen promotes endometrial cell proliferation Ovulation Luteal phase: secretory phase

Someone's amazing notes on the Menstrual cycle. I think these notes were made for the USMLE (US Medical Licensing Exam- for medical students & physicians), but they will help me study for the MCAT, too, so thanks!