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DIY Confetti Vase how-to. earlier pinner: "Looks fun to do and to see finished. For a little ones hair things, so many possibilities. I like these for a party bowl"

20 Creative DIY Bowl Ideas & Tutorials..Here is a nice roundup of some creative DIY ideas and tutorials to teach you how to make cute bowls. All of them are quite simple to recreate and are made out of materials that are super cheap and easy to find, such as newspaper, confetti, yarn, rope, buttons, felt, bead, egg cartons and so on. And to do some is a lot of fun. Not only for making great home decorations, these activities are also good for kids of any ages to develop their creativity...

With scraps of paper and wallpaper paste you can make the most amazing paper bowls. Tutorial in English and Swedish. thanks so xox

Tissue paper + Scissors = Homemade confetti. Easy. Stuff in Valentines and annoy the bajeebus out of the recipient.

Homemade Confetti