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京都御所・秋季一般公開中の11/3、雅楽の催しがありました。  (※京都御所一般公開は11/4で終了しています)   管楽の皆さんがスタンバイ。...

Image list of "Gagaku / Prince of Lan Ling-OsameSori (Kyoto Imperial Palace, open to the public).

Upotetun kuvan pysyvä linkki

Mayan traditions involved the combination of heavy face and body paint, along with drumming music and dancing. The Mayans would dance for all occasions, from celebration to ritual. Mayans also possessed high intellectual skills and a complex culture

Jeune fille kabyle

Black and white portraits of Imazighen (Berber) women. The Imazighen are an indigenous African ethnic group of North Africa, most of whom live in Algeria and Morocco. The word Imazighen is said to.