Banksy / the creative adult is the child who survived. I like this because every one has a inner child Andy calderon


I love when people show me that they love me, not merely with words, but in action and in truth 1 John We bought a zoo! Favorite movie ever!

by Codex Inferno

street art mural graffiti two kids scribbling drawing on wall delft codex intferno. Artwork and Photography by Telmo Pieper


Street art:In Boulevard Beaumarchais arr, Paris, France. Thanks to Enrica L’inconsolabile Geraci for the photo! In Paris, France. Thanks to Street Art Paris for the photo! By Nick Walker.

by Pavel Puhov

By carefully removing some of the snow next to a street light, Russian street-artist Pavel Puhov created these cool glasses.

Alexey Menschikov

Cute and Clever Street Art of Alexey Menschikov

Funny pictures about A Simple Crack On The Ground Becomes Art. Oh, and cool pics about A Simple Crack On The Ground Becomes Art. Also, A Simple Crack On The Ground Becomes Art photos.

Origami street art!!! (Mademoiselle Maurice)

MADEMOISELLE MAURICE – ORIGAMI STREET ART The latest creations of the French artist Mademoiselle Maurice, ephemeral installations and non-degrading poetic street art performed with hundreds of colorful origami glued on the walls of Paris.


Love the symbolism that love is backwards and love that love is a part of revolution. It may be cliche by now but it is still a simple truth, love is a revolution.

Skeleton grate

Pink skeleton stenciled on a street in Paris. Wouldn't this be fun to do around town for Halloween?

Faile mural

Street art duo, Faile recently finished working on their largest mural to date in New York City, USA featuring their familiar iconic imagery.

Matej Andraž Vogrinčič Installation

Out of Sorts

When on a Winter’s Night a Traveller - was an art installation featuring a crowd of black umbrellas by Slovenian artist Matej Andraz Vogrinčič at Melbourne’s GPO building, as part of the previous L’Oreal Fashion Week 2012 / photograph by Peter Bennetts

UK artist mobstr

UK-based Mobstr puts up simple sentences that were designed to make you think. Though minimalist in nature, they're often loaded with meaning or, at least, come with a little attitude.

Oh Banksy

Graffiti Is a Crime is the first of Banksy’s pieces from his month long ‘residency’ in New York City in October The piece was located in the city’s Allen Street. Graffiti is a Crime location