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Sheffield  ·  ...are a design and marketing team from Sheffield, UK who love what they do and quite possibly love what you do!
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The Delectable World of Pantone Smoothies |

PANTONE Smoothies INGREDIENTS½ cup strawberries½ cup raspberries½ red tsp lime tsp coconut oilstevia to tasteINSTRUCTIONSVery berry smoothie that cures any weekend hangover.

Noa Batle is raising funds for Domestic Soldiers on Kickstarter! Domestic Soldiers are an artistic spin on this classic cultural icon. They are armed with household objects instead of weapons.

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Nice rebrand project

Now it is time for Samsung to rebrand itself by completely overhauling its core branding according to tech lover Aziz Firat.

Mayuko Fujino – Paper Artist, Nature and whimsical Characters Illustrator

Illustration Ltd is proud to exclusively represent Mayuko Fujino, a professional Illustrator based in New York. Mayuko Fujino specializes in cut out shapes, nature, whimsical character illustrations.

Dirty Bird Fried Chicken Logo Amuses Some, Offends Others |

'Dirty Bird Fried Chicken' defends 'rude' logo and denies they realised it was phallic - Mirror Online