Andreia Silva

Andreia Silva

Otaku(não sou obsessiva como muitos por ai), nerd, chata, gamer...tá bom né? tcs
Andreia Silva
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Chibi Nami - League of Legends by on @deviantART

Nami art, since she's so op right now and I loove to play her, so fun ♥ I'll be doing some stickers, mobile straps and badges from this one : D Fo. Chibi Nami - League of Legends

Chibi League of Legends art :)

The Riot League, justduet: chibi mf struttin away~

League of Legends chibi- CLS

League Of Legend Chibi - Lulu with that lil Poro

Estampa COD.:00158

Do you know what chibis are? They’re this illustration style creating these “chibi” chubby little characters, and they are adorable. When I found Just Duet’s League of Legends chibis, I knew I wanted to share.