Timers and music for transition

Classroom alarm clock: Set up classroom transitions to music that happen automatically on your computer. Keeps you on time while also providing fun transitions for students! Schedule activities, set up timers for tests, etc.

20 Great Websites For Elementary Educators - Edudemic

The 20 Best Websites Elementary Teacher Should Know Infographic lists the top 20 websites for elementary teachers that fulfill the needs of your tech-savvy kids.

100+ Google Tricks for Teachers

In our articles we talk professional development training and tips and tricks. Find out how to become the next Teacher of the Year Today!

Smart Board Resources for Classrooms

SMART Board Resources This is a great site for using Smart Boards in the classroom. It contains links to other sites, resources and interactive activities to engage learners using the Smart Board.

A great post with a huge list of core teacher apps and core student apps!

iPad uPad wePad; Going 1-1 at St Oliver Plunkett

Core Teacher Apps - Two Wonderful Visual Lists of Educational iPad Apps for Teachers and Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

List of Authors Who Skype with Classes & Book Clubs (for FREE)!

Marty McGuire by Kate Messner. Marty is not excited about being asked to be the princess in her class play. Marty doesn't like to dress up, dance.she likes to play in the dirt, go on adventures.-Sounds like Gabbie

Great apps for reading and writing ~ Most of these apps are free!

10 awesome apps for K-6 literacy

There are SO many incredible apps out there, and I know whatever list I come up with is going to be missing tons of great stuff. But I might as well start somewhere, right? So I thought I’d share 10 iPad and iPhone apps I love for helping elementary stude

Great Livebinder that pulls together the work done in numerous states. Great resource.

Great Livebinder that pulls together the work done in numerous states. Links to numerous states CCSS resources.

If you love science, I'll love LabTV, a series of free 5-minute videos on exciting topics. This blog post  includes a free graphic organizer for students to use while watching the episodes.

Science Comes Alive with LabTV!

Science Comes Alive with LabTV! Free LabTV program has dozens of 5 minute episodes you can use with upper elementary and middle school students. Each episode is fascinating and shows how science and technology are used in careers and product development.

Totally Terrific in Texas: FREE Computer Choice Cards --These are incredible! Just hang them on your classroom computers :)

Great after school organization. FREE Computer Choice cards with tons of free site choices! I will be using this with my free tech time reward coupons!

twitter for the classroom!

In the elementary setting, art teachers make connections with every student, yet not like a homeroom teacher. Homeroom teachers know the st.

8 great kid video websites

For student or even your own kids someday.Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 8 Great Kids Video Websites

Apps for Dyslexics and Struggling Readers

Apps for Dyslexics and Struggling Readers

Kathleen McClaskey's insight: This site developed by Moms of Dyslexics provides a set of apps that can support dyslexics and struggling readers. As a Mom of an adult dyslexic, I want to thank these Moms who have created this site for families that have a

Top 100 Educational Websites

Top 100 Homeschool Sites - Saved a lot to sqworl for looking through later. Knew a lot of them, but need to have a 'online learning day' every week or every other week.