The Art Of Animation, Nikhil Shinde

" Honor in her heart for You <3 grateful love "

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Laochra is the goddess of female warriors and leaders, as well as the unrealized potential in all beings, and embodies the power of a woman. Her symbols are jewelry, the sword, and her sacred animals are all big cats. She believes the cat is the perfect example of the grace and power of women.

Brilliant Concept Art by Lindsey Look | Cruzine

This is almost a perfect picture...'Cept for the ridiculous cartoon elk. BUT I still love it, and it still reminds me of My. beloved fanfiction. Although that wouldn't be legolas...that would be ?name eirher "Ferion" (son of beech tree), "Erthor" (uniter/unifies), or "Rinion" (son of Remembrance).

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mermaid ~ Victor Nizovtsev

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Painting by Victor Nizovtsev - xx

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Heartbroken by Heather Theurer

Heather Theurer Artwork

Digital Portraits by Alon Chou

Medieval Love

Can I have one?

Baby Dragon - Tabasco by jwohland on deviantART

unicorn, fantasy, art, girl, woman, horse, drawing

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Celtic Fairy Queen - Nene Thomas painting

Heather Theurer "Temptation" - Angel & Dragon - what could be better? Power & faith will always see you through!

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Learning to Fly

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Serenity ~~ by `SanguineVamp

tired of the bullshit


Where Professional Models Meet Model Photographers - ModelMayhem

Geisha, Paul Cartwright

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winter dragon friends

oak king on Tumblr

by Kazumasa Ucchiey

любитель драконов.

Friends forever by Ironshod

Friends forever by Ironshod on deviantART

Warhammer: Witch 2 by ~Angirias on deviantART

Warhammer: Witch 2 by Angirias on deviantART


Greek gods and goddesses ii

Fantasy Architecture Illustration by Snow Skadi

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Can we make an entrance to the BFF that looks like walking into a fairytale book? Into the Fairy Tale.

Fairy Tales by Nature

Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons.

We're sorry.

Afternoon Drink ~ Julie Bell I haven't seen any of her work for quite a while. Love it!

Colorimetry: Review - Firelight by Sophie Jordan