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Kitties Big and Small

A celebration of cats in all of their glorious forms...

Kitties Big and Small

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Proud mama shows her munchkins the wonders of cardboard.

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I found autumn in the garden..

cat ♥

CyBeRGaTa - Cats, Memes, New Mexico

Greetings, neighbor

It's nice to have a little Feline Guidance during the parts that May Be Too Intense for Sensitive Viewers...

Rune censoring daddy’s reading.

I'm mesmerized by you ❤️

Life is too short, don't be .... • :-)

Kendrasmiles4u - kendrasmiles4u

themagicfarawayttree: Found on... - PhotoCatcher

Cat photography-Zoran Milutinovic

The Fascinating Lives of Cats Captured in Stunning Photographs

Photo Survive by Manuela Kulpa on 500px


Photo Scared ??? by Benjamin Caller on 500px

Scared ???


A Good Thing Happened

tulipnight:Caracal Hissing by ddovala on Flickr.

Ravenwhimsy's Wonderful World — tulipnight: Caracal Hissing by ddovala on Flickr.

Sleepy Puma

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"[Ernest Hemingway] was an extreme cat-lover because he admired the spirit and independence of the species. He acquired his first feline from a ship’s captain in Key West, Florida, where he made his home for many years. Today, around 60 felines live at the Ernest Hemingway Museum and Home in Key West. They are protected by the terms left in his will."

Real Men Love Cats - Democratic Underground

Adorable, I love orange cats :-)

Fluffy, Not Fat: What's Your Favorite Cuddly Animal?

Joeyline among the grasses, via Flickr.

Chocolate cats are uncommon, because the gene that is associated with their lush mahogany coats is seen only in a small, select gene pool. All chocolate cats are descended directly from a single individual, a Havana Brown cat. The Havana Brown breed was created by crossing a black, blue, and color-point cats.

Volterra, Italy, Photograph Curious cat by Stefano Moschini Pisa Tuscany

Curious cat by Stefano Moschini / 500px

Mom is not amused


4 Surprising Facts About Bengal Cat